Should I Buy A New Or Used Car?

I love the question of “should I buy a new or used car?” because it’s such a controversial question in the personal finance space.  People swear by only buying used cars. Others swear by buying new cars.  Like most personal finance decisions, the answer is not cut and dry.  Some people may be better off … Read more

Reflections of Self-Employment in the First Six Months

In the personal finance space, it feels like quitting your job is a glorious endeavor. People sell courses and products to help you quit your 9 to 5 (by the way, who works a 9 to 5 nowadays?) and have the freedom of creating your own schedule. As someone who quit their job last year … Read more

How to Manage Finances in a Marriage or Relationship: 3 Methods

“What’s the best way to manage finances in a marriage?” “How do other people manage finances in a relationship?”  “What’s the normal way of combining finances in a marriage?”  These are a few common questions people ask about finances in a relationship.  I love these questions because there is no right answer. It’s like every … Read more

How to Save, Spend, and Invest When You Expect an Inheritance

A common question that comes up for retirement planning is, “what changes should I make if I expect an inheritance?”  People who may receive an inheritance have a great question. If you think you are going to receive an inheritance, why save as much?  It’s extra years of working when you could be doing something … Read more

What if Tax Rates Go Down?

Let me be clear – I don’t think tax rates will go down soon. But, I think it’s an important exercise to consider the other side of your beliefs. What if tax rates go down? I feel confident tax rates will go higher in my lifetime, but what if they don’t? How would that impact the … Read more

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

If you died today, what would happen to your family?  Not just financially, but emotionally and physically.  Would money help through the difficult transition?  For many people, the answer is yes. Unfortunately, people don’t like thinking about their death, and often fail to plan for how much life insurance they need.  There are a few … Read more

Why I’m Renting While Being a Landlord

I’m a landlord. I’m also a renter.  Interesting, right? Why would someone who owns a home rent an apartment?  I’ll answer that and more, but it has to do with money, life circumstances, and peace of mind.  I’ve previously written about, “Is it Better to Rent or Buy a House?” Most people are very passionate … Read more

Mistakes I Made in My 20s

Mistakes I Made in My 20s

Who doesn’t love to read about big, juicy mistakes?  You know the ones. The ones where you can’t stop reading, enticed by needing to know what happens next. Every. Detail. Brings. It. To. Life.  Unfortunately, this isn’t that article.  But, it is an article about regret, hindsight bias, and changes I wish I would have … Read more

How Are My Tax Dollars Spent?

Many people like to complain about taxes, but how are your tax dollars spent? You’ll hear too much is spent on defense. Or, you’ll hear too much is spent on social safety net programs.  Social Security is going bankrupt.  We need to reduce our debt. We pay too much in interest.  Eventually, you’ll start to … Read more