I Quit My Job

I quit my job.  Yesterday was my last day as a financial planner with my prior employer.  I’m one of those odd millennials – not because I quit my job, but because I was there for 10 years. It’s the only full-time job I’ve had.  I started as an intern in 2011, worked part-time in … Read more

9 Important Money Lessons from My 20s

This is a year of transition. More on that in future posts. For some reason, turning 30 earlier this year has felt like a crossover point. I’m out of my 20s. The 30s are here, and with them, a whirlwind of change.  I’m taking time to reflect on my 20s. Not only with personal life … Read more

Learn from the Mistakes of Others – 3 Mistakes That Can Be Catastrophic

What an incredible gift to learn from others’ mistakes. It is a blessing to not actually make the mistake and still incorporate that knowledge and experience into your own life.  Imagine if you had to make a mistake to learn anything. Life would be tough. Life would be really tough.  Thankfully, people come before us, … Read more

Don’t Feel Guilty About Spending

It’s okay to spend money. No, really, it’s okay.  In a world where you are taught to consume less, pinch your pennies, and budget carefully, I am here to tell you spending can be rewarding and freeing.  I’m not saying blindly spend on anything you want. That won’t lead to good results.  What I am … Read more

Please Spend Lavishly

Please spend lavishly on what you love. Seriously, buy the better quality item. Splurge on that once in a lifetime experience. Go a little overboard on a self-care day or date night.  What is that one thing you have yearned to buy, but haven’t?  Is it the type of item or experience that lights up … Read more

5 Common Money Mistakes

Think about the various money mistakes you have made and then ask yourself, “What was the biggest money mistake and why?”  We all make money mistakes.  We are human – there is no way to avoid it entirely; however, there are steps you can take to minimize what money mishaps you make and how frequently … Read more

How to Create Great Goals for 2021

Did you have goals for 2020? Were you able to achieve them?  Most years, I set goals for the new year in late December or January. Although I am a proponent of setting goals when you want to change something and working towards it, there is something about the beginning of a new year to … Read more

Gratitude: You Can Always Give More

Have you ever had a delicious meal and completely stuffed your face to that not-so-glamorous feeling of regret?  It is strange how we have limits when it comes to eating, exercise, sleep, and almost everything else in life, but when it comes to money, almost nobody feels like they have enough. There is no limit.  … Read more

How to Simplify and Automate Your Finances to Make Them Work For You

Are your finances simple? Have you automated everything possible? Is there room for improvement?  Let’s discuss how to simplify and automate your finances to make them work for you. One of the biggest issues I see people make is complicating their finances.  Your finances should be simple. You can always add complexity later. Let’s take … Read more

How Much Do You Need to Save to be Financially Independent?

How Much Do You Need to Save to be Financially Independent? That’s an excellent and challenging question. When I was young and impressionable, my uncle taught me about it using an example. He showed me a spreadsheet of two investors. He called them individual A and B, but I will refer to them as Amy … Read more