Why I’m Renting While Being a Landlord

I’m a landlord. I’m also a renter.  Interesting, right? Why would someone who owns a home rent an apartment?  I’ll answer that and more, but it has to do with money, life circumstances, and peace of mind.  I’ve previously written about, “Is it Better to Rent or Buy a House?” Most people are very passionate … Read more

Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early?

I’m always fascinated by the question, “Should I pay off my mortgage early?”  People usually fall into three camps: YES! Pay it off. Debt is bad. You’ll never regret paying it off.  No, you should invest the money. You’ll earn more in the market.  I’m asking the question because I don’t know.  I’m fascinated because … Read more

Rental Properties are Not Passive Income – My Personal Experience

Rental properties are not passive income.  Despite what financial pornography websites may say, rental properties and real estate investing are not easy paths to riches. People make it look easy. They may sell courses on real estate investing. You may hear it from a friend who got rich in real estate.  They may tell you … Read more