How to Manage Finances in a Marriage or Relationship: 3 Methods

“What’s the best way to manage finances in a marriage?” “How do other people manage finances in a relationship?”  “What’s the normal way of combining finances in a marriage?”  These are a few common questions people ask about finances in a relationship.  I love these questions because there is no right answer. It’s like every … Read more

Why I am Getting a Prenup and 3 Important Reasons You Should Consider One

Prenups.  Even the word likely elicited a strong wave of emotions and judgments in you. Unromantic? Sleezy? Not in love? Preparing for divorce? Others?  I know when I tell others I am getting a prenup, that look frequently comes over their face. That look of “I would never do that” or “Why is he getting … Read more

How Much To Spend on a Wedding?

Weddings. Could I pick a more controversial financial topic? I’ve always been flabbergasted by the price of weddings. With the average wedding cost around $30,000, it’s hard not to be. I know that figure is inflated by some people who spend over $100,000 on a wedding and brought down by others who spend $1,000. Either … Read more