Market Timing – Why It Does Not Work and How to Avoid It

Market timing does not work. Many people attempt it. Some are taught a lesson. Others get lucky for some time, but usually are eventually taught a lesson. Before we start with market timing, we can look at the parallels between driving and market timing. Have you ever been driving on the freeway, traffic starts to … Read more

Saving for Nothing

Carl Richards says, “Risk is what’s leftover after you think you’ve thought of everything.” I love this sentiment because it gets at the heart of almost everything in finance. With investments, people fear the latest news story – a war, congress passing a new bill, or the market irrationally hitting a new high. They don’t … Read more

What Happened with GameStop? An Explanation of What Happened and 3 Takeaways

What a wild couple of weeks!  I’ve never seen trading like the past two weeks. Most people haven’t.  Although there is plenty of information to unpack from the past two weeks, my guess is this story will continue, likely with a book or movie. There are already a few movies in the works. Some people … Read more

The Economic vs. Emotional Side of Every Financial Decision – Why It’s Okay to Not Always Choose the “Smart” Financial Decision

It’s an odd title, right?  You can choose to not make the “smart” financial decision. I put smart in quotes because there are many people who see financial decisions as purely a numbers decision. Does it increase their net worth? If yes, they choose that decision.  Unfortunately, personal finance is…you guessed it – personal.  People … Read more

What is a 529 Plan and How to Use It

Saving for college is no easy task. According to US News, the average tuition and fees for 2020-2021 is: $9,687 for public, in-state, $21,184 for public, out-of-state $35,087 for private This does not include housing, food, or books.  With the rising cost of tuition, there is about $1.6 trillion in federal and private student loan … Read more

My Reflections of 2020

What if I told you next year there would be a World War, a worldwide famine, or the collapse of the financial system? Or all three at the same time?  I was fascinated by how quickly people made predictions in March, and then a few months later, most people were willing to admit, “I have … Read more

Investing Basics Part 2: The Emotional Side

I fell while running this past week. Not lightly.  The sidewalks in my neighborhood are not even and though I have learned how to navigate them, I missed a slightly raised portion. I tripped, fell, and skidded across the concrete. In the process, I took a few chunks out of my hands, knees, and shoulder. … Read more

Investing Basics: What You Should Know – Part 1

We live in a world with flashing red charts, photos of stock market traders in despair, and sound bites from the media making the world of investing sound thrilling. I have a message most people do not like to hear. Investing should be boring.  In the words of Paul Samuelson, an American economist, “Investing should … Read more

Patience, Discipline, and Humility are Superpowers

Patience, discipline, and humility are superpowers. We’ll talk about how this applies to investing and saving. Unfortunately, those qualities don’t make for good headlines. Imagine reading, “Warren Buffett was patient once again, waiting for the purchase of the decade” and going on to say, “He didn’t find an attractive deal yet, but he is disciplined to … Read more