How to Save, Spend, and Invest When You Expect an Inheritance

A common question that comes up for retirement planning is, “what changes should I make if I expect an inheritance?”  People who may receive an inheritance have a great question. If you think you are going to receive an inheritance, why save as much?  It’s extra years of working when you could be doing something … Read more

Why I am Getting a Prenup and 3 Important Reasons You Should Consider One

Prenups.  Even the word likely elicited a strong wave of emotions and judgments in you. Unromantic? Sleezy? Not in love? Preparing for divorce? Others?  I know when I tell others I am getting a prenup, that look frequently comes over their face. That look of “I would never do that” or “Why is he getting … Read more

What is a Will and Do You Need One?

Most people appreciate the power to choose. Most people also loathe the idea of making a Will. These two ideas are in conflict. Creating a Will gives you power by allowing you to choose what happens to the things you own (assets) after your death.  Although not everybody needs a will, generally, many people would … Read more

How to Prepare for Death – Steps You Can Take to Make it Easier for Loved Ones

Imagine you are dead. Really imagine it for a moment. What does life look like without you? What are your loved ones doing? Do they have access to your financial accounts? Is there enough money now and in the future? Can they locate the important documents? Did you prepare for death? Is your imagination painting an … Read more