How to Simplify and Automate Your Finances to Make Them Work For You

Are your finances simple? Have you automated everything possible? Is there room for improvement?  Let’s discuss how to simplify and automate your finances to make them work for you. One of the biggest issues I see people make is complicating their finances.  Your finances should be simple. You can always add complexity later. Let’s take … Read more

How Much Do You Need to Save to be Financially Independent?

How Much Do You Need to Save to be Financially Independent? That’s an excellent and challenging question. When I was young and impressionable, my uncle taught me about it using an example. He showed me a spreadsheet of two investors. He called them individual A and B, but I will refer to them as Amy … Read more

Patience, Discipline, and Humility are Superpowers

Patience, discipline, and humility are superpowers. We’ll talk about how this applies to investing and saving. Unfortunately, those qualities don’t make for good headlines. Imagine reading, “Warren Buffett was patient once again, waiting for the purchase of the decade” and going on to say, “He didn’t find an attractive deal yet, but he is disciplined to … Read more

Don’t Be Afraid to Negotiate – 3 Examples

Don’t be afraid to negotiate.  I find most people are afraid of negotiating. They think about it as a confrontation or are scared of being told no.  You can negotiate in a low stakes environment before moving on to something that really matters. For example, I would not recommend negotiating your salary as your first … Read more

Understanding Your Cash Flow and Making a Budget Work For You

Imagine jumping into your car and starting to drive. You only brought your normal items with you – purse/wallet, cell phone, and keys. You have no idea where you are going, what you will see along the way, when you have arrived in the right place, or what you will be doing when you arrive.  … Read more