Fuck You Money: The Different Levels

Fuck You Money - The Different Levels

I’m fascinated by “fuck you money”, or as some call it, “FU you money.”  I remember the first time I heard the term was early in my career. It was not used in the way many individuals use it today.  It was used in the context of having enough assets under management as a financial … Read more

How to Save, Spend, and Invest When You Expect an Inheritance

A common question that comes up for retirement planning is, “what changes should I make if I expect an inheritance?”  People who may receive an inheritance have a great question. If you think you are going to receive an inheritance, why save as much?  It’s extra years of working when you could be doing something … Read more

Mistakes I Made in My 20s

Mistakes I Made in My 20s

Who doesn’t love to read about big, juicy mistakes?  You know the ones. The ones where you can’t stop reading, enticed by needing to know what happens next. Every. Detail. Brings. It. To. Life.  Unfortunately, this isn’t that article.  But, it is an article about regret, hindsight bias, and changes I wish I would have … Read more

Are You Outcome-Focused?

Are you outcome-focused or process-focused? Do you judge decisions as good or bad based on the outcome or the process?  For example, if you ate healthily, exercised, and did the normal things you are supposed to do to live a long life and then died of cancer at an early age, was the decision to … Read more

How to Identify and Avoid Short-Term Noise When Investing

People pay far too much attention to their performance on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Unfortunately, that’s a mistake. Even looking on a quarterly or yearly basis is fundamentally flawed.  Imagine someone running a marathon and the announcer telling you how far they have gone after one second. It’s irrelevant. Nothing that happens in … Read more

9 Important Money Lessons from My 20s

This is a year of transition. More on that in future posts. For some reason, turning 30 earlier this year has felt like a crossover point. I’m out of my 20s. The 30s are here, and with them, a whirlwind of change.  I’m taking time to reflect on my 20s. Not only with personal life … Read more

Learn from the Mistakes of Others – 3 Mistakes That Can Be Catastrophic

What an incredible gift to learn from others’ mistakes. It is a blessing to not actually make the mistake and still incorporate that knowledge and experience into your own life.  Imagine if you had to make a mistake to learn anything. Life would be tough. Life would be really tough.  Thankfully, people come before us, … Read more

How to Become Wealthy – 6 Methods

What is wealth to you? It is $5 million in assets? Is it spending your time how you want? Is it traveling around the world?  Wealth is defined differently by different people. I know people who feel wealthy when they have $1,000 in their bank, retired people with $300,000, and people with over $10,000,000. They … Read more

What Happened with GameStop? An Explanation of What Happened and 3 Takeaways

What a wild couple of weeks!  I’ve never seen trading like the past two weeks. Most people haven’t.  Although there is plenty of information to unpack from the past two weeks, my guess is this story will continue, likely with a book or movie. There are already a few movies in the works. Some people … Read more

The Economic vs. Emotional Side of Every Financial Decision – Why It’s Okay to Not Always Choose the “Smart” Financial Decision

It’s an odd title, right?  You can choose to not make the “smart” financial decision. I put smart in quotes because there are many people who see financial decisions as purely a numbers decision. Does it increase their net worth? If yes, they choose that decision.  Unfortunately, personal finance is…you guessed it – personal.  People … Read more