Should I Pay Off My Mortgage Early?

I’m always fascinated by the question, “Should I pay off my mortgage early?”  People usually fall into three camps: YES! Pay it off. Debt is bad. You’ll never regret paying it off.  No, you should invest the money. You’ll earn more in the market.  I’m asking the question because I don’t know.  I’m fascinated because … Read more

6 Big Life Lessons Working Around Money Has Taught Me

Over the last 10 years, I’ve been in a fortunate position to have thousands of conversations about money. Doing so, I have heard and seen many things that most people don’t have the opportunity to see or hear.   Unfortunately, people don’t talk about how money connects to life. They don’t openly talk about how … Read more

How to Handle Student Loan Debt in 4 Steps

As of March 2021, there were $1.736 trillion of student loans outstanding. If you are like me, that number is too large to comprehend. Student loans are an important issue for many students going into college, current college students, and graduates.  Unfortunately, student loans can be confusing. There are many rules, forms, and repayment options. … Read more

Patience, Discipline, and Humility are Superpowers

Patience, discipline, and humility are superpowers. We’ll talk about how this applies to investing and saving. Unfortunately, those qualities don’t make for good headlines. Imagine reading, “Warren Buffett was patient once again, waiting for the purchase of the decade” and going on to say, “He didn’t find an attractive deal yet, but he is disciplined to … Read more

Is it Better to Rent or Buy a House?

Is it better to rent or buy a house? There are very few questions in personal finance that will elicit people from both sides who adamantly insist they are right.  From the “rent crowd”, you’ll hear how they have flexibility and freedom to do anything. If they want to move, they can. If something breaks, … Read more

Building a Good Credit History and Credit Score

Building a good credit history and credit score does not need to be complicated. How do you build your credit history? How do you improve your credit score? What affects your credit score?  Credit is a very misunderstood part of personal finance.  When I talk with people about credit, I often hear stories of how … Read more